What are the best Cozumel Bonefishing Lagoons?

Cozumel is home to a number of lagoons, which are prominent with various wildlife and fish. If you are on the lookout for a particular fish in the area, the lagoons are the most likely place you will want to visit in order to find anything worth fighting against. There are in particular three lagoons in the northern part of Cozumel that provide the best opportunity to catch any noteworthy fish in Cozumel. They are the Monte Cristo Lagoon, the Paso Belem Lagoon and the Rio de la Plata Lagoon.

Cozumel bonefishing

Angler from Wisconsin practicing bonefishing in Cozumel

The best Bonefishing lagoons in Cozumel:

All three lagoons are easily accessed via a boat, and do not take a very long time to reach. Access by car is possible, although it is not recommended due to the fact that it is difficult to make your way through the lagoons without a proper boat. Due to their shallow wading nature of these lagoons, you will need a wading boat to successfully navigate through them and find the best locations to catch your intended target. Each is also situated relatively close to beaches, so you may take a break in the midst of your search for the perfect bonefish and just relax and take in the atmosphere.

Bonefishing, whilst quite popular, is not without its setbacks. The wading waters of the lagoons can be somewhat difficult to manoeuvre, so it is suggested that appropriate tools and equipment are used to ensure your moments spent on the rod are not wasted. Each of the three lagoons mentioned previously are all locations, which prosper with bonefish all year around as well as some other popular fish to catch.

If you’re eager to catch more than bonefish, you may also have a chance at landing a Permit fish, Snook fish or even a Tarpon fish. Unlike Bonefish, which are in excellent supply all year around, these fish are much harder to find during some months in the year.

Cozumel Bonefishing is a popular due to the nature of the bonefish and its status as a game fish in the area. Bonefish sizes can reach up to 19 pounds (8.6 kilograms), in some cases getting to around 21 pounds (9.5 kilograms) if you are particularly lucky. For the most part, their length measures up to 35 inches (90 centimetres), making for a significant opponent for any angler.


As always with Cozumel Bonefishing or fishing in Cozumel in general, you cannot do so without a valid fishing license. These licenses are unfortunately not valid to tourists, therefore requiring other avenues. If you are on holiday in the area for the purpose of fishing your only option is to hire a licensed guide to accommodate you on your tour of the oceans. Most guides will offer all the equipment you need as well as various tips and tricks to ensure that your fishing trip is a successful one.

Regardless of whether or not you are a first time angler or a season veteran, the abundance of bonefish ensures that everyone can enjoy and tackle a popular game fish in the area.