What are the requirements for a Cozumel Fly Fishing License?

Fishing in Cozumel Island may be worrisome if you are a tourist with your gear and want to fish on your own accord and time; this is because you need a cozumel fishing license if you wish to fish offshore or in lagoons. Tourists don’t need a permit if they are going to fish from the shore, however.

A fishing license is difficult to get, and sometimes not granted to tourists. Not to mention, you have to pay a fee for different durations.

You will be paying and hassling yourself too much if you are only planning to fish in Cozumel twice or thrice a year. Fret not, and there is a more comfortable and faster way of acquiring a fly fishing license in Cozumel without having to apply for one.

How do you get a Fishing License in Cozumel?

Marcus fishing in the shallow waters of Cozumel.

If you haven’t checked fishing trips sold on the Internet by touring companies, you should check now. It is mandatory that they include the license in their journeys, meaning you don’t have to apply for one if you book your fishing trip through them.

The best fly fishing guides in cozumel come in the package. If you are a tourist fishing with a licensed guide, then automatically, you become licensed to fish in Cozumel.

What are the benefits of hiring a Licensed Guide?

You don’t have to apply for a fishing license that you will only use once or twice a year. Not to mention, tourists are sometimes not allowed to hold a fishing license in Cozumel.

Booking a trip online doesn't only give you a licensed guide; they will also provide the boat and recommended tackle for cozumel flats fishing.

At CozumelFlyFishing, our licensed guides know the best spots where to catch what fish. We can also navigate the boats with ease in shallow areas, especially in mangroves, which are quite plentiful in Cozumel’s lagoons.

Jack showing his catch during the Cozumel fly fishing tour.

If you are a newbie in fishing, you can get lots of insight and tips from our guides. Not only do they know the perfect spots to take you, but also they are skillful in this trade.

The trip comes with free beer snacks and fresh water (if you booked a tour of six or eight hours). Not only are you able to have fun fishing, but you will also be able to lay back and relax, taking in the beauty of nature.

So, if you can skip the hassle of applying for your Cozumel fly fishing license, you should do it. You want to get the most of your relaxation, and if that means paying a little bit more, we suggest to do it with CozumelFlyFishing.

Getting a complete set of the fishing tour doesn’t only instantly give you a fishing license, it also provides for all your significant fishing needs such as a guide, a boat, and fishing gear.

We always provide the best time for your group, something you will always remember.