Where to go Flats Fishing in Cozumel?

Cozumel, an island located east of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, is not only known for its large reef system, but also for its abundant sea life perfect for fishing trips. Although it has a healthy marina surrounding the island, perfect for deep-sea fishing of huge billfish, the island also houses flats and lagoons that will make a fly-fishing enthusiast giddy with excitement.

Flat fishing in Cozumel is quite popular that many touring companies has set up day tours, ranging from four to eight hours of flats fishing. This has been a very lucrative business for them because anglers can visit the island all year round, as the fish in the Cozumel flats don’t migrate.

Cozumel flats fishing

Robert from Illinois flats fishing in Cozumel

What are the best flats to go fishing in Cozumel?

In the northern part of Cozumel are three lagoons that is the home of bountiful types of fishes. It is the most popular flat fishing or fly-fishing area in the entire island and its surrounding isles.

Rio de la Plata lagoon, Paso Balem lagoon, and Monte Cristo lagoon are the three top destinations for flats and fly-fishing not only because it has bountiful game but also because it has shallow waters that allow for wading while fishing. 90% of these lagoons can be waded, making flats boots essential. The boats that will take you there are called Mexican pangas that are capable of navigating through shallow waters.

These areas are protected by law from commercial fishing so if you go there, you will only find yourself and some other touring anglers. Due to this, the fish are bountiful and healthy. The peaceful and beautiful scenery also makes this a great place to relax with a nice beer in hand while waiting for fishes to be baited. You can take your catch home to grill and serve for dinner.

Bonefish is the popular game in the lagoons. They are called “ghosts of the flats” because of their number and are mostly found in the shallow areas in schools. They are available all year round in the three lagoons and are fairly easy to catch, making it a favorite among newbie anglers. There are also various species available in the waters such as Permits during the months of February to July, Snook during the winter, and Tarpons all year round.

The random appearance of various other species such as jacks, snappers and barracudas make fishing more interesting. They appear all year round too, but are rare. Catching them is like finding a gem, which makes fishing more worthwhile.


Flats fishing in Cozumel are fun and rewarding because it offers bountiful catch all year round. Expert and novice anglers alike don’t get tired of the Cozumel’s vast lagoons in the northern part of the island. Make sure to pick the perfect touring company which will provide everything that you will need in the fishing trip, including the fishing gears, baits, and an English speaking guide who knows where the best spots to fish.