How is the Permit Fishing in Cozumel?

Permit fish are one of the types of fish that can be easily found in the various beaches and lagoons surrounding Cozumel and its beautiful beaches. Aside from the other fish which are south after by anglers, Cozumel Permit fishing is also quite popular for anyone wanting to take on the various aquatic life in the area and see if they can hook one.

Permit fish are a popular game fish located in the western Atlantic Ocean, belonging to the Carangidae family. Their elongated dorsal fin, as well as their overall body shape distinguishes these types of fish. While their fins are shaped like a scythe, their bodies appear flat, giving the impression of a tall and thin fish when viewed from the front.

Cozumel permit fishing

Angler from Idaho permit fishing in Cozumel

Where to fish Permit in Cozumel?

Guides and anglers who frequent the area as well as operate their businesses in Cozumel laud the Permit fish as the jackpot of the fish species. Anyone with the tenacity to hook one can expect it to reach from 6 to 14 pounds, with larger sizes reach up to and over 20 pounds, a considerable amount.

As with most of the fish available in the area, Cozumel Permit fishing is mainly situated in the northern lagoons of the island, with the Monte Cristo, Paso Belem and Rio de la Plata offering the most abundant location for the Permit. These three lagoons are also the easiest to access and navigate through in comparison to other locations in and around Cozumel and in comparison to other locations continents away.

If you are on the looking for the Permit fish, there will be no need to worry, as they are plentiful during many months of the year alongside other common fish in the area. May through to August provide the best possible moments for Permit fishing, with the remainder of the months being good but not as prominent, with a slight decline in January and February.

If Permit is not your thing, there are still other fish that can be caught in the Cozumel area including Bonefish, Snook and Tarpon, offering a wide variety of challenge and reward for your hard fought time on the rod. If you are ever in the area and want to take your chances against any of these fish, your best bet is via fly-fishing.

Fly-fishing also stands as the most popular method of fishing in the area and the method of choice for the seasoned pros that visit for the sole purpose of catching Permit and local inhibiting fish alike.


Permit fishing is also not a free avenue in the area of Cozumel, so be sure to check out the limits and restrictions on fishing this prize catch and ensuring that you have a license to fish in the area. If you are out of luck and don’t have one then do not fear, a helpful local guide will be able to accommodate you, as license fishing guides have the ability to take fishermen out to the best locations and oversee their fishing expeditions.